Look! I’m a “Reviewer”

So, check this out:

LOGO_THEATRE FOR CHANGESeek Truth. Create Story. Change The World. Theatre For Change is a coalition of South Texas dramatic media artists who are committed to linking the stories inherent within theatre, film, and new media to the needs and messages of non-profit organizations. We aim to weld the weakest links in our community by producing, reviewing, and creating works of theatre, film, and new media that encourage awareness, compassion, and a call to action.

This is on the front page of a new coalition of awesomeness that is happening in San Antonio. It’s called Theatre for Change. I dig it. Marry theatre to nonprofits to action, and you’ve just hit some of my favorite things in all the land.

I got to see Judy Shepard speak recently. They asked me to blog about it. I did. Here it is. Word.


Comments. Questions. Anything for the good of the cause.

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