Alligators and Things?

What the Hell is Alligators and Things?

My grandma was a poet. Not published…but a poet nonetheless. I found a book of her poems entitled Alligators and Things. There was no rhyme or reason to them – just a mishmash of thoughts, chronicled through poetry. She was brilliant. If they had blogs then, she would have been the first badass blogger. “They” didn’t; she wasn’t. Instead, she wrote poems…in a journal…for her granddaughter.

When things rattle around inside your head, sometimes it’s helpful to say them out loud…or write them down…or put them out into the universe. I spend a lot of time with rattlings; this is my attempt to put them out in the universe.

This is a non-linear mishmash of ideas, stories, and opinions. It’s both alligators and things – things as I remember them or experience them.




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